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Veterinary Clinics Can Invest in Our State-of-the-art Diagnostic Imaging Equipment with Confidence

We carry diagnostic imaging equipment from a wide range of manufacturers that we trust and rely on. We understand that you want to provide quality services to your furry patients and we aim to help you deliver on that promise. Let us know your budget and we will work within it to provide you with premium quality, high-tech equipment.

We take reliability seriously. You can trust that our equipment will run smoothly with very little downtime.

Once your equipment is installed in your veterinary clinic, leave the rest to us. We will monitor and service your digital or conventional equipment to ensure everything is running smoothly. Explore our vast selection of X-ray generators, X-ray tables, ultrasound systems, and software modules.

vet dsl medical equipment guelph london ontario

MyVet CT i3Dsl

  • High resolution image at low X-ray dose
  • Extremely soft tissue image
  • 23” wide bore diameter saves space and accommodates large and medium-sized animals
  • 2D scan mode and 3D CT mode
  • Easy to install
  • Large FOV
  • Spiral linear technology obtains narrow image slices within a large view field

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MyVet Pan i2D

  • Portable panoramic X-ray system (cart-based system)
  • Dedicated full-mouth scanning feature provides images in a short time
  • Ergonomic design for small animals
  • Easy to position and requires less preparation
  • Low dose
  • Easy to set up and clean after each use
  • Performs procedure within three minutes and is seven times quicker than performing the procedure with a conventional system

animal table medical equipment guelph london ontario

MyVet Imaging i72W Elevating Veterinary X-ray Table

  • Noiseless elevating X-ray table
  • Can be lowered to 10.5” off the ground
  • Vertical (40”) and SID (72”)
  • Horizontal beam (40”) and SID (72”)
  • 17 by 17 Csl flat panel detector
  • Can perform weight bearing tests
  • Operate using a foot switch
  • Includes a charging bucky

veterinary table medical equipment guelph london ontario

MyVet Table X500

  • Equipped with a powerful 32kW generator
  • Revolving anode X-ray tube features dual focal spots for capturing high quality images to ensure an accurate diagnosis
  • 4-way floating table for easy positioning
  • Compact design saves space
  • User-friendly interface
  • 17” by 17” Csl flat panel detector

veterinary minisono medical equipment guelph london ontario

MyVet Imaging Minisono

  • Tablet-based diagnostic imaging ultrasound system
  • Smaller, compact, and easy to use and transport
  • Can connect the system to a Microsoft Surface handheld device to perform scans using a Microsoft Windows supported software
  • Can use in time and space constrained settings such as emergency rooms, clinics, and operating suites

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MyVetEzRay Mobile Intraoral X-Ray Cart

  • Mobile X-ray cart (call to check if it is available in your province)
  • Design minimizes restraint injuries and anesthesia risks
  • Lower dose
  • Reduces maximum exposure time by 75% while capturing high resolution images
  • Smart angulation exposure feature ensures constant image density by adjusting automatically
  • Narrow and focused beams improve image quality
  • Lightweight and compact non-drift head and tube head
  • Pre-set method per patient size
  • Can use immediately on next patient

wall mount human medical equipment guelph london ontario

MyVet EzRay Vet Wall Mount Intraoral X-Ray System

  • Ergonomically designed tube head
  • Exposure hand switch
  • User-friendly operating panel
  • DICOM compliant system
  • Lightweight for ease of use
  • No warmup required
  • Captures high resolution images
  • One-hand functionality

ezsensor medical equipment guelph london ontario

EzSensor Vet Intraoral CMOS Sensor

  • Delivers high resolution images for successful and accurate diagnosis using CMOS technology
  • Designed for comfort for both the patient and user
  • Fiber optic cable connector
  • Slim and compact design for easy positioning
  • Dust and IP68 water protection

ezsensor guelph london ontario

EzSensor HD Vet Intraoral CMOS Sensor

  • Ergonomic design for comfortable positioning against soft tissue
  • Features three sizes for accommodating mouths of all sizes
  • Promotes efficient and fast workflow
  • Direct USB connector for fast image transfer
  • Dust and IP68 water protection
  • Uses dual CMOS technology for capturing high resolution images
  • Artifact and noise suppression feature for accurate diagnosis
  • User-friendly software

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MyVet DR Equine Portable Package

  • Shock-resistant and water-resistant
  • Auto imaging rotation
  • Cloud
  • Integrated image storage
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Sleep mode
  • Wireless

vet ciation medical equipment guelph london ontario

MyVet Citation — Portable Equine Imaging Workstation

  • Delivers high resolution images
  • Transfer images wirelessly
  • Features Ultrasound and DR diagnosis software
  • Equine specific imaging processing
  • User-friendly touchscreen display
  • IP68 water protection
  • Fast image acquisition

Wait…That is Just the Beginning of the Veterinary X-ray Equipment We Have

We Also Offer the Following

  • E-CUBE i7 Portable Ultrasound
  • RayenceXmaru 1012WCA Flat Panel Detector
  • RayenceXmaru 1717SGC/SCC Flat Panel Detector
  • Bionet BM3 Vet PRO Veterinary Monitor with an 8-inch Touch Screen
  • Bionet BM5 Vet PRO Veterinary Monitor with a 10.4-inch Touch Screen
  • Bionet BM7 Vet PRO Veterinary Monitor with a 12.1-inch Touch Screen
  • Podoblock X-Ray Positioning Aid
  • VET-20BT Hybrid Battery Portable
  • Bionet Oxy9Wave Vet

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