Veterinary X-Ray Software

Veterinary clinics in Canada can benefit from our one-of-a-kind Veterinary X-Ray Software. Our software will streamline their radiological operations — making it easier to obtain, acquire, store and distribute Medical Diagnostic Imagines (DICOM).

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Make Our Comprehensive and Fully Customizable Software a Vital Part of Your Veterinary Clinic

  • Adapt image processing to individual user needs
  • Perform organ-specific optimisation
  • Simplify your daily radiological operations
  • Integrate the software into your current patient management system
  • Use the built-in full viewer to view high resolution images and make a correct diagnosis
  • Turn our software into a complete diagnostic workstation
  • Add more options as your clinic grows

We offer around-the-clock IT and remote support. Contact us today to schedule an online or onsite demonstration.