Human X-Ray Software

Clinics can use our exclusive Human X-Ray Software to obtain, acquire, store and distribute Medical Diagnostic Images (DICOM). You can integrate our user-friendly software into several digital radiography (DR) manufacturers. If your clinic is in search of a smooth, systematic seamless workflow, our radiology software is your key to achieving it.

Digital X-Ray Software: Tailored to Suit Your Radiological Needs

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Human X-Ray Software Features

  • Adapts image processing to individual user needs
  • Diagnoses x-ray images within the software
  • Enables organ-specific optimization for high-resolution x-ray images
  • Functions as a comprehensive diagnostic workstation
  • Integrates with current patient management systems
  • Streamlines your daily routine due to its integrated functionality

As your clinic grows, your radiology software grows with it, allowing you to add several options. If you are struggling to manage your radiological operations or your current system is falling short, our Human X-Ray Software can help. We offer 24/7 customer support service — Software Trouble Shooting, Online Application Training, Online Software Upgrades, and Remote Maintenance.

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